Saturday, April 14, 2007

Team Canada World Championship 2007 - Roster Announcements

TSN has finally confirmed the presence of the Carolina foursome (Ward, Staal, Wiliams, Commodore) and has now confirmed that Jason Chimera and Jamal Meyers will join the team, along with Barret Jackman (who has been rumoured to have accepted around 2 weeks ago).

Barret Jackman's acceptance is probably the best news of this group, but I'm still a bit suprised (and am starting to get concerened) that nothing has been mentioned about Jay Bouwmeester. However, these roster announcements have been in the works for a while, so someone like Jay could be going through some medicals or something and confirming he's healthy before he's officially announced as part of this team.
Team Canada 2007
Doan - Staal - Nash
Williams - Cammalleri -
Chimera- Meyers
Brewer - Jackman

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