Sunday, April 22, 2007

Calgary Flames vs. Detroit Red Wings - Red Wings win Series 4-2

Well, I think first and foremost, you have to hand it to the Red Wings for their execution of their gameplan. I would say in every aspect of the game, they for the most part had their way with the Calgary Flames. 3 of the 4 lines were constant scoring threats and just general pains in the asses to play against. It's a bit of a lark to call the Cleary - Draper - Maltby line a '3rd line' because they were a true two-way force and arguably made the difference in the series. MVP for Detroit might have to go to Danny Cleary, I would say he was their best all around player in the series.

Mike Babcock in particular deserves kudos for imposing his will upon the Calgary Flames. If you want any more proof of the superiority of his in game systems (compared to Playfair's joke of a system) then simply look at the shots on net. While Calgary managed 129 shots in 6 games, Detroit managed to put 255 shots on Miikka Kipprusoff and Co. I think if you looked at possession times or in zone times, the results would be just as overwhelming.

I know this isn't really a coaching stat, but if I could find face % I think Detroit would show their domination once again.

All in all, Calgary's 'team game' came down to one thing: relying on the heroics of Kipprusoff. Otherwise, this wouldn't have even been a series, it would have been a Germany on France blitzkreig.

The good news for Calgary? Well, I would bet Amonte's done with the team. Same goes for McCarty who actually dressed for the warm up. Most importantly: I think Playfair got his chance, and he showed how embarresingly antiquated his coaching techniques were. Someone suggested to me he might 'step down/resign' to save face, but I just hope he's gone. Can I get an amen?


hockeychic said...

Enjoyed your blog during this series. Kipper was amazing. Being a Red Wings fan, I understand the disappointment of a first round loss. Your blog is now a regular stop for me.

walkinvisible said...

AMEN, sister !!

(beers next week ? pick your series... i'll watch)

MetroGnome said...

Otherwise, this wouldn't have even been a series, it would have been a Germany on France blitzkreig.

Haha...great line. Kudos.

Kyle said...

hockeychic: Thanks a lot! Hope I provided some insight into the game.

WI: Well I probably will drink beers next week but I won't be anywhere near T.O. The series to watch, in my opinion, will be NY/Buf. I wouldn't be suprised if Renney still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

MG: Hey man, I'm just trying to keep up with you.

hockeychic said...

While I didn't always agree with you (of course being on opposite sides, that is bound to happen). I found your posts very insightful and good perspective. Although I'm a Wings fan, I can't stand Bertuzzi so I'm glad the Calgary fans still give him the boos that he deserves.

I agree, NY/Buf is going to be a very interesting series.

MetroGnome said...

will be NY/Buf

I'll also be following this series, mainly because I love watching Buffalo play.