Monday, August 18, 2008

Rhett Warrener

07-08 Season Prediction:

Arguably has more heart than anyone else on the team, playing through various (and obviously painful) potential career ending injuries. Played his best hockey of 06-07 in the playoffs but is not capable of playing a top 6 role with injuries anymore. Needs a speedy defence partner to be most effective, but tends to read the play well. Can still dish out punishment. Lack of speed is a big issue.

07-08 Evaluation:
I think everything I said at the beginning of last season is still true now. Warrener's position with the team hasn't really changed; he shouldn't be playing on the top 6 and it seems like Sutter has sent the message that he shouldn't be playing with the team at all.

We see a lot of red in Warrener's little profile here. Keenan was hiding Warrener at EV big time. He was played the least of any defender, against the worst competition. His teammates were also pretty bad but he had to be among the worst of them.

Projection: 7th defender - Sutter won't put him in the minors to avoid the cap hit, even if he should.
Key Stat: second to last defender in terms of GAON.


Kent W. said...

Lack of speed is a big issue.

As is his total lack of puck skills and vision. You can just see the panic build in Rhettsky's eyes whenever the biscuit lands on his tape. He's the master of dumping the puck to no one in particular for an icing call.

I love what the guy brought a few years ago. I love to remember his devastating hits on guys like Bert and Fedoruk. But he's finished. If Sutter doesn't get rid of Warrener's contract one way or another this season then he's entered full-on "bad GM" territory.

therealdeal said...

If Sutter doesn't get rid of Warrener's contract one way or another this season then he's entered full-on "bad GM" territory.

I personally think he won't get rid of Warrener's contract.

duncan said...

Sadly, I think you're right about the contract. But more sadly, Kent's also right.

The best illustration of his decline is in what I like to call "The Warrener", which is to opt to go down on one knee and place the shaft of your stick along the ice to try to block a goal-mouth pass. This, of course, never works, whereas closing in and bodychecking a player almost always works.

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