Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Anders Eriksson

I don't think there's a lot of positive that can be said about Anders Eriksson in terms of hockey skills. He's not confident with the puck and is consistently prone to making errors, many of them pretty big. He's also pretty bad without the puck in terms of reading the play and positioning himself effectively. He's also pretty bad 1-1.

I think part of the problem is that Anders simply isn't very good, but I think part of the problem was quicksand. Quicksand is a term I first heard in the movie 'The Replacements' starring Keanu Reeves. It refers to a player in sports who makes a single error and puts himself in a hole. To get out of the hole the player tries to make an even bigger play and creates an even bigger error and so deeper he goes, and the cycle continues until he is buried. Quicksand.

I think we can explain a lot of Eriksson's problems with this analogy. He was paired with Phaneuf for most of the year and was clearly overwhelmed and maybe he just tried to do too much. Maybe. Maybe he's just bad. Probably.

Projection: AHL defenceman - Sutter sends Eriksson down and brings him up only due to injuries - we'll take the risk of another team grabbing him on waivers
Key Stat: Worst GAON for all Flames defenders


shep said...

My biggest questionmark is how he could be a positive difference maker on a crappy 06-07 Columbus team?!

Maybe they could take him back?

#8 and #26 for a draft pick or something.. anything.

Kent W. said...

Eriksson was sheltered during his time in Columbus. Hitch didn't let him anywhere near good competition. Kinda like Adrian Aucoin last year.

Similarly, Eriksson probably wouldn't have been so bad if he'd stayed on the third pairing in Calgary. Problem was there were too many third pairing guys.

therealdeal said...

He might be useful as a 7th guy, put him out there for maybe 8 minutes a night or so.

duncan said...


OK, seriously, he was a difference-maker in Columbus probably because he didn't try to do too much knowing it wouldn't go anywhere, plus the aforementioned Hitch wall of protection.

Rookies eager to play smart would be better in the 7th role.