Friday, August 24, 2007

Daymond Langkow - "Lanks"

Langkow apparently played hurt for most of his first season in Calgary and was not good enough in the first quarter of last season. Once he got going, Langkow was a very good 2nd line center and certainly a very passable first, although he’s never the best player on the line. Still, him and Huselius looked great together, and Langkow’s playoff cheap shot showed he still had some life left in him, even if the team didn’t. Will have to fight with Lombardi for the 1st line spot this season.


walkinvisible said...

on the VIP second level of flames central, the wall is lined with selected players bios/photos framed all nice and purty... when my buddy (who helped build the place) was showing me around, my two comments were:
1.brad mccrimmon is not spelled brad mcrimmon
2. since when is 'langkow' like 'cher' ?

[all players were first and last: jarome iginla, håkan loob, lanny mcdonald etc. except daymond langkow was just "langkow." one phonecall to victor choy and the change has since been made. but i will still forever look at langks as simply "langkow."]

no point.

therealdeal said...

Ha ha. How does that pass quality control...?