Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shawn Horcoff - "Horc"

Horcoff has had a consitently good career away from the puck (save a few early parts of last year) but has been on and off in terms of his ability to produce offensively. Has great speed and good decision making skills offensively, but is not what I would call a natural scorer. Has the ability to play a lot of effective minutes in many situations (on of the Oiler's best penalty killers if not the best) but is utilized primarily in 5-5 and penalty kill situations. Had very good chemistry with Hemsky and Ryan Smyth, played a complementary cautionary role to Hemsky's daring. Could be more physical but tends to bring out physicality when pushed against a wall.


Anonymous said...

Love an intelligent hockey player. Seems to be undertated by some for whatever reasons, but for me he's a valuable part of this team.


Shawn Horcoff is my husband.
I looooveee youuu .
You're honestly amazing.
Teemue Selanne used to be my fav
but now i've got a new one. YOU. <3