Monday, August 25, 2008

Mark Giordano

07-08 Prediction:

Playing the role of Calgary’s 6th defenceman in 06-07, Giordano was nothing but stellar. He has good wheels, good hockey sense and has shown he can step it up in pressure situations. Ate up softer minutes. Was not favoured by Jim Playfair.

August 15: Marc Giordano is unsigned (Battle of Alberta)

07-08 Evaluation:
Mark Giordano is one of the biggest question marks on the roster coming into this season. Although his contributions a season ago were unquestionably favourable, he is now a year and a half removed from playing with Calgary and spent last season toiling in the now defunct (transmogrified?) RSL.

According to Giordano played the worst opposition of all Flames defenceman, but he had the worst teammates as well. He was 5th among defencemen in GFON/60 and 4th in GAON/60.

He certainly didn't take a leap forward offensively in Russia, (48GP, 7G, 15PTS Calgary, 50GP, 4G 13PTS Moscow) although I can't tell what sort of opposition he played or what sort of teammates he was given.

What I do know is that he was good enough in Europe to attract the attention of Hockey Canada officials and he was named to Canada's Spengler Cup Team and then to the World Championship entry as an alternate. I think Flames fans can take that as a good sign.

I think if Giordano can play a top 4 role for the Flames at even strength, they'll be in a good position come April. I think if Aucoin is forced to play that role, the Flames will be in trouble.

Projection: 2nd pairing defenceman


Kent W. said...

I'd be thrilled if Gio could replicate Aucoin's results from last season: sucess from the 3rd pairing, with decent PP stats.

I dont know if we can expect him to step into the top 4 divide yet (although the options for that role are less than ideal).

therealdeal said...

I don't know if we can expect a declining Aucoin to do it either though. And I know we can't expect Vandermeer to do it.

Kent W. said...

No. I wouldn't place a bet on any of them, which is the problem. I assume Vandermeer gets the green light to start, but...

therealdeal said...

That's a scary thought.

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