Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ales Hemsky - "Hemmers"

The most talented Oiler, probably by a longshot. A deceptively fast skater, Hemsky has the ability to go around or through opposition defenders. Hemsky has a frustrating tendency to hold onto the puck for too long and give up multiple glorious opportunities to shoot choosing instead to pass the puck. Actually has a very good shot. Can sometimes be caught floating, his defensive positioning is improving but still has a ways to go. Is not physical at all and has had some injury problems in the past. There is a rumour that Hemsky was requested as a member of Team Czech Republic for the Olympics by Jaromir Jagr.


Keegan said...

I have noticed hemsky take the body quite a bit on the forecheck this last season. I would hardly characterise him as a physical player but I wouldnt say he is not physical at all. There are other fast skating, high talent players out there youd be hard pressed to see lay the body.

therealdeal said...

Hemsky is sometimes willing to throw something if he's absolutely backed into a corner, but I would say he avoids the physicality for 99% of the time. He's taken a couple big open icers as well which could become a concern.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with a couple of the new players this season, who are bringing some different skill sets.