Thursday, September 06, 2007

Alex Tanguay - "Tangs"

One of the few Flames to have already won a Stanley Cup. Tanguay is ultra talented but sometimes a bit inconsistent, and I personally feel he sometimes spends a lot of time and energy skating around and not accomplishing a whole lot. Can make opposing defenders look downright stupid. Has been at or abover 1PPG his last three NHL seasons.


MetroGnome said...

Barring any sort of Keenan-bred destruction, I think this year will be Tanguay's coming out party.

He's poised to enter the upper echelon on NHL players. If he gets those PP #'s up, look out.

walkinvisible said...

i honestly believe that he was brought to calgary "to make jarome look good," and spent too much time at the beginning of the season trying to make the perfect pass to #12. again, i blame playfair. by the end of last year, he looked much more comfortable and confident in the flaming C. i think this year he will put up some good points.

Kyle said...
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therealdeal said...

I hate to disagree with you MG but it's hard to call it a coming out party if he's already generally accepted as an above pt/game player and an elite in the game.

MetroGnome said...

I've found he's generally considered a good to very good player, but little else. At the onset of last season, I was trolling an Oilers fan site and one of the posters actually commented "I'd rather have Lupul than Tanguay!"

Granted that's a stunningly stupid comment by a fanboy on a messageboard, but still - no one would ever say that about someone like Sakic or Iginla.

Tanguay labored in the shadows of Sakic, Forsberg for awhile in Colorado and there was a legitimate question when he came to the Flames whether not he was a coat-tail rider. Having seen him play last year and after investigating his numbers deeply, I personally know that's not true, but Im guessing it's still a bit of question for fans outside of the NW Division. I think that has a good chance of changing this season.

This is all subjective stuff, of course, so it doesn't much matter in the end.