Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Team Canada World Championship 2007 - Coach/Roster Announcements

Well, unfortunately I haven't got my forwards list completed yet, but there are a couple announcements today for Team Canada.

Firstly, Andy Murray will be the head coach, with Gerald Gallant (a true suprise to myself) and Mike Johnston (the associate coach from LA that McKenzie mentioned) joining him.

Right now, the starting goaltender is Dwayne Roloson as hoped, however, it sounds like Yzerman may hold off naming more goalies until the first round of the playoffs, oruntil potential playoff teams (Carolina specifically) have solidified their position one way or another.

Eric Brewer is the first defenceman named, and while Bouwmeester hasn't been named yet, I suspect it's because his Panthers aren't yet officially eliminated.

Also named today were Rick Nash, Shane Doan, and Mike Cammaleri. All in all, I would say so far Canada is so far garnering a 'dream team' roster, in that all their top choices look like they have accepted. It'll be very exciting to see what happens as the remaining teams are eliminated from the playoffs.

Here's the TSN article.

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