Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Darryl Sutter Press Conference 2:00pm MST

GM Darryl Sutter will talk to the media on Wednesday and is expected to address the issue of whether or not Playfair will return. "It's Jimmy's first year and it's growing pains," forward Craig Conroy said. "Jimmy knows the team, he knows what's going on. I always thought he did a good job handling everybody." We will await the Sutter press conference. Apr. 25 - 8:09 am et

updates to come...

all quotes are paraphrased by myself

regarding Playfair: "The media singles people out, and that's not ok...since I got here, the mantra has been, 'just ok is not ok.'

regarding scoring woes one year ago: "We scored 40 more goals, so the media idea we didn't score enough was's about goals for/against and work ethic."

regarding Jarome Iginla contract extension: "We don't discuss contract negotiations publicly/with the media...July 1st, it goes both ways..."

regarding keeping Iginla and Kipprusoff: "I'll be perfectly honest, its been the speculation for a year, isn't it more about them being under contract and wanting to play here?'re isolating 1-2 won't win...the team is what's most important."

regarding aquiring new players: "We have 16 players under contract for next year...quite frankly that's a lot...we''ll look at our guys, look at Omaha..."

regarding speed and skill: "We're above average on both and that's why we're a good hockey club."

regarding Dion: "He had a typical sophomore year. I think he had an outstanding rookie season and he had an outstanding year I think...he played 7 playoff games last year and 6 this year..."

regarding the year: "I'm not gonna say we had a good year I'm not gonna say we had a bad year. We had an ok year...(but ok isn't ok?)...of course, how else are you going to improve in this world?"

Certainly some cryptic comments from Darryl. He seems to be generally satisfied with his on ice personnel, but isn't happy with the overall results.


MetroGnome said...

Could be interesting. Sutter is almost always disingenuous with the press, so I have to say my expectations aren't that high. It would be nice to hear anything aside from "everything is fine" from him though.

walkinvisible said...

the word on the street is that playfair ain't going anywhere.... which makes me wonder, kyle --any room on that oilers bandwagon ???!

Kyle said...

Only if you want to cheer for a team more hapless than the Flames...

Steal Thunder said...

kyle --any room on that oilers bandwagon ???!


hockeygirl said...


I don't know you anymore, wi... ; _ ;

duncan said...

Yeah, no shit. It's bad, but never — NEVER — that bad. Did Canary do something to harm your family?