Friday, April 13, 2007

Blood From a Stone

You know, I'm grasping at straws here, but the one positive that can be pulled from that 'game' (game in quotation marks, because is it really a game if only one team shows up? Technically a forfeit isn't it?) is that the Flames can no longer look themself in the mirror and give some extraneous excuse to losing.

Mick was up to his old tricks, but it thankfully didn't have any real bareing on the game.

The Flames can't argue it was bounces, even though there were a couple lucky ones that went Detroit's way.

No, simply put, the Flames got brutally outplayed. MG, DD and Duncan have already covered it, but that game was just overall a terrible effort - to all the relatively new Detroit readers: we told you there were two Calgary teams, and you just got a taste of the version of the Flames that never learned to read. I'll have more to say before next game.

Oh, and if any readers get some bad headlines, feel free to post them in the comments so we can all gaze upon the copy editor's sheer laziness.

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