Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Tank

As in, we're in it. What an embarrassment for Flames fans (and team) not being able to beat the hapless Oilers, who are, lets face it, simply brutal. How the hell does Dion Phaneuf get beat on the outside by Patrick Thoresen? How is a line with Tony Amonte the best you can ice on the night?

I simply had to laugh though when I saw this Oil fan dancing in the box seats with the woman behind him grabbing him and trying to make him sit down while another old woman in the background shook her head and scowled. Terrible pic, I know, I'm sorry, but you get the drift.

It's 'ha ha' funny and 'I want to cry this is so bad' funny. Well, actually, maybe it's not all that funny.


duncan said...

I don't blame you for feeling this way. But embarrassment isn't going to mean a thing next week in Detroit. Like, is Tomas Holmstrom going to stand in front of Kipper and take him off his game by saying "ha ha, you lost to the Oilers!" (I hope he does, that'd be hilarious.)

Kyle said...

It's not so much the embarrassment that bothers me, its the lack of finish. I know I know, we might've let up once we heard we clinched the spot, but what does that say about this team's character?

Oh well, they say the playoffs are a whole new season.