Friday, February 02, 2007

Re-united and it feels so good!

Despite early predictions Conroy would play a 3rd line support role in Calgary, it appears his performance last game will vault him back into the coveted Iginla centreman role. TSN's Ice Chips and the Calgary Herald have reported the first lines in practice was:

Amonte - Lombardi - Nilson
Friesen - Yelle - Ritchie

As most coaches like to pair offensive players, Iginla/Conroy and Huselius/Langkow are not huge suprises, but I would say the inclusion of Moss is interesting if not totally suprising. Through various posts on here and through my comments on various other Flames blogs I have made my feelings about Moss be known - that is, he's shown to be a very impressive fill in for Chuck Kobasew. In fact, I would say he's been more effective than Kobasew, as he is finding ways to put the puck in the net on a consistent basis. Moss isn't a fancy player, but he's always willing to throw the puck on net, and he himself isn't at all afraid to plant himself in front and cause havoc.

This could be looked at as a positive or a negative for Matthew Lombardi. As has been noted by MG, Lombardi has simply not been as consistent lately. This third line 'demotion' though, is both a symptom of Lombardi's play, and also of Conroy's 'resurgence.' Having his ice time reduced is going to be disappointing for the young centre, however I think this is a good opportunity for Lombardi to simplify his game and get back to doing the simple things right, and at the top of that list: distributing the puck. In my opinion Lombardi has been relying TOO heavily on his speed and puck carrying ability, and he's had his head down when it should be up. It will be interesting to see if Lombardi's PK time increases (with his reduced even strength time) and Conroy's PK time decreases (with increased even strength time).

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Time to update the sidewall I guess...


hockeygirl said...

1. OH MY! It's makeover time!

2. It's not a betrayal, it's um, er, a shared love. Picture me waving a BIG DION banner and a smaller Ricky one. Come on, you of all people should know about room in your heart for TWO.

3. They should have taken in-progress and final headshots of the chops and had fans vote on them.

Kyle said...

1. Ya I wasn't a big fan, but I really want to change the colours, now I'm trying to see if I can change the colours on this one. I really need to figure out how to get my banner back up though.

2. Come on! I'm sensationalizing the's what every 'good' journalist does! You'll be happy to know that I wore my Double Dion! shirt to the game while my bro wore his Nash team Canada jersey. Since it was such a blowout I was actually hoping he'd score.

3. Agreed. But we all saw the team wearing them with (pride?/shame?) anyhow.

MetroGnome said...

Like the new look! And good content as always, Kyle.

Kyle said...

Thanks man, appreciate it.