Monday, February 26, 2007

Easy come...

Watching the Coyotes flounder brought back some bad memories. Anyone remember 7 years of futility? Well, it came flooding back with a couple of plays:

1. Late 1st period, Flames are up 1-0 on a PP marker, but the Coyotes are still in the game. At times they had actually carried the play, gotten some chances. Oleg Saprykin decides to get into it with Dion Phanuef at the offensive faceoff circle. A little scrum insues, but nothing becomes of it, and Saprykin continues to line up against Dion. As the puck drops, Oleg tries to stick DD, but instead takes a shoulder to the head. The puck rims around the Flames defensive zone where Hamrlik picks it up - as Saprykin jumps at him, fists first. As he innefectually bounced off of Hamrlik, the ref's hand went up. Saprykin was sent to the box for charging, and the Huselius scored a goal that effectively put the Coyotes out of the game.

2. Late 2nd period. Derek Morris takes a hooking penalty in the offensive zone. Then he takes an unsportsmanlike penalty, (I assume for whining to the refs, a very Derek Morris like action). Flames get a 4 minute power play, and although they don't score, it kills off 4 minutes of time the Coyotes needed to get back into the game.

Nice goal by Reinprecht at the end though.

I'm sure Wayne is thinking that with friends like these, who needs enemies?

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