Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ghosts of Season's Past and Present

You know, I've watched Oleg Saprykin try that god damned behind the goal line shot about 1000x, but this may be only the first time it succeeded. Of course, its not that I actually regret getting rid of Oleg "great in practice" Saprykin, but I'm sure it's really fitting that he manages to pull off the stupidest play in the world against us.

It was also really 'pleasant' to see Reinprecht score an important one against us. I'll never quite understand why we gave him up, especially for nothing, although I suppose the general point is that his offensive skill wasn't quite high enough for a 1-2 line position, and his defensive skill wasn't high enough for a 3-4 line position, but either way, I would rather him over Leclerc (or a bag of pucks).

Fitting too that he beat out Langkow for a loose puck in OT which lead to the winner. Overall I would say it wasn't the best OT period for us, but then, once 60 minutes are over this team tends to pack it in. Hell, after 50 or so minutes we tend to pack it in, or at least, we only play for about 50 minutes.

So anyway, we play one of the few teams we've actually beaten on the road, go up by a goal late in the game and still manage to blow it. Perhaps beating them earlier in the year decreased our statistical odds of beating them again (8 road wins and 2 against the same team? Blasphemy), perhaps the Coyotes have turned into a good team, perhaps the hotel beds the players sleep on are so nice they stay asleep the whole game, or perhaps we are so afraid to win on the road we intentionally lose. Either way, there is no doubt road games are haunting us, and will probably continue to haunt us for the remainder of this season (and then this season will haunt us! YAY!)

Much like today we were haunted by the ghosts of season's past.

Anyway, can anyone find and then hit the panic button?


MetroGnome said...

That Saprykin scored from behind the goalline while Tanguay and Huselius missed on break-aways pretty much sums up the Flames on the road at this point.

hockeygirl said...

Take your pick.