Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sportsnet is reporting Smytty is signed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More as it develops, the online feed is a bit shakey, and it is Sportsnet. I think they were saying it would be announced before the game tonight. Fingers crossed again. (12:12pm)



Fuck everybody.

Fuck Sportsnet for getting my hopes up. Fuck Eklund for being the fucking joke he is, reporting trades 5-10 minutes after TSN reported them. Fuck him for claiming that Smyth was signed and it would be announced ‘within the hour.’

Fuck Kevin Lowe. Fuck you for not resigning for trading Pronger instead of making him sit. Fuck you for signing the whole fucking core but not your best player. Fuck you for not trading Lupul. Fuck you for not resigning Ryan Smyth earlier. Fuck you for trading RYAN THE FUCKING FRANCHISE SMYTH. I hope you get booed out of the fucking building tonight Lowe, as soon as you’re announced I hope you hear such a chorus of boos that it deafens you. I hope you get fired by the end of next season.
Fuck the New York Islanders, Rangers, Blues and Philadelphia for being Lowe’s only willing trading partners.

Fuck Ryan Smyth. Fuck you man. Fuck you. Fuck you by forcing Lowe to trade you. You couldn’t take a little less to stay with the team you cheered for your whole fucking life? That you fucking bled for? That you were 2 goals away from the Stanley Cup with? Now you get to play for Garth Snow for 2 months and then what? I know you’re not coming back because you think Lowe fucked you over. I can’t even believe the relationship between you and the stupid fucking Oilers franchise got so bad that you couldn’t come to a deal.

Fuck Don Meehan who loves to force GMs to trade the faces of the Franchise away from the teams they’ve spent their career with. This is number two Meehan, Fleury was number 1, and I’m not going to forget either. Business is business but I’d just as much spit in your face as shake your hand if I ever met you.

Fuck the Oiler organization. Fuck the fact that you’re not willing to put a little coin on the table to sign the man everyone loves. I hope you sell under 10,000 season tickets next year and the fans throw it in your fucking face that you’re all fucking retards. Stop looking for a new fucking building, I hope you can’t fill the current one.

Fuck Robbie Fatass Shremp. If the stupid organization thinks he will fill in for Ryan's missing shoes in any way they are sorely mistaken.

Fuck O'Marra, fuck Nilsson.

Fuck the soft 2007 draft.

Condolences accepted via email or comments.
Mckenzie said the two sides were only $200,000-$300,000 apart at the end. I'm gonna be sick.


MetroGnome said...

Sorry dude. Smyth to the Islanders.

Sucks to be a Oilers fan today.

Kyle said...

You said it man. Thanks for the condolences. They've got me on sui watch for the next two weeks. :(

MetroGnome said...

Here's the problem for you, Kyle - you may be facing this exact same situation with Iginla and the Flames next year.

That's already making me nervous. I would hate to see him in anything but the Flaming C.

walkinvisible said...

listen. let's not get all bent outta shape until smyth picks a team next year. cause if that team is the oilers, you'll have your "heart-and-soul" player AND a couple of pretty decent young guns... and i'll have my mulletty, late-hitting nemesis... hey, it's TOTALLY possible...

as for iggy ? ugh.... the consequences fucking horrify me...

walkinvisible said...

did i mention that robert nilsson is kent nilsson's SON ??? imagine the mustachey future this guy's got !!!

(i'm TRYING, okay ??! it's hard to make shit smell like roses...)

Kyle said...

MG: Well, we already faced it once with Theo as I alluded to in my post. And of course it is possible Iggy will go, but I have the feeling we're more likely to deal away other guys rather than not resign Jarome.

WI: Actually, Robert went to the same jr. high I did and my brother knew him. But he's not a top notch hockey player, if he were he would've cracked the NYI lineup by now. Mcguire described O'marra as a 3rd liner if he reaches his potential. Soft draft. Oilers didn't get much back. But thanks for trying to cheer me up ha ha! (maybe his moustace will make up for it.)

I would say Ryan will never play with the Oilers again, its gonna be bitter on both sides with a 200k difference keeping them apart.

duncan said...

The Iginla comparison was the first one I made in my mind to try to understand your horror. To me, you overpay Jarome (if you have to) either a) until he retires, or b) goes crazy, like Fleury. When Theo left, it was not as big a deal because he was clearly losing it.

Iggy is the Steve Yzerman/Joe Sakic of the Flames, and Ryan Smyth was that until today. Lowe fucked up BIG TIME.

hockeygirl said...

I had to come back to the land of the internet for a quick sec when I heard because I thought of you. Oh, Kyle *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Oilers and Flames. Two teams that r going nowhere fast.

Kyle said...

HG: Thanks.

Duncan: I don't know, Fleury really started to lose it when he his NY,NY. I always felt that there were certain influences in NY (that didn't exist in Calgary)that Theo just couldn't resist. I idolized Theo the same way I did Smyth, but the Smyth thing stings worse for some reason.


Katie O'D said...

You just pulled a major Monty Brogan. I'd be doing the same except that the only comforting thing I can do is stay unnaturally rational. Though if it was really a 200k difference, there's no rationalizing anything.

the weaz said...

I just want to curl up and die. You can bury me right beside the Oilers' 06-07 season.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Edmonton, for your most generous contribution to the Islanders future. This makes up for the defeat Isles suffered when they were going for five.

What I find truly amazing is the "idolization" of Crackhead Fleury. You don't have dope in Calgary?

Kyle said...

With your backup goalie at the helm, Yashin as your captain, and your goalie locked into a lifetime deal, I have no doubt the Islanders will return to their former glory.

And Fleury was probably one of the greatest players ever, he just never had teammates.

Think Bryan Trottier in terms of personal life though.

Katie O'D said...

Yeah of course

walkinvisible said...

i'm more convinced than ever that smytty will be back in greaserville next year, after that embarassingly dramatic press conference.

we miss your posts. get back on the bike, dude.