Saturday, January 27, 2007

This about sums it up

CBC posed this question to After Hour viewers tonight:

Did the NHL make a mistake in not reforming the
schedule for next season?
(839) 94%

(50) 6%
Total Votes:

I think that about sums up my feelings. The NHL gets a product (Crosby, Ovechkin) they market the crap out of, then they refuse to sell it to half their customers. Thats just good business sense.


MetroGnome said...

This is an issue Bettman should have taken the Bull by the horns and forced the owners to accept a new schedule. As it is, the current once serves the myopic interests of some of the Eastern teams at the expense of the every other team, the overall product AND the fans.

Kyle said...

The only explanation that I can at least partially accept is the unknown fate of the Penguins. However, we all know the the league does its best to cater to markets in the East, and quite frankly, as you say, its a slap in the face to fans out here.

Hmm...I wonder why in long Stanley Cup Final series the East tends to prevail...