Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No Rory? Jokes' on the Fans...

Well it appears Don Cherry, Wayne Gretzky and Kelly Hrudey got their wish – Likeable journeyman Rory Fitzpatrick will not be in the All-Star game. Although I greatly admire and respect each of these men, I think they have failed to see the forest for the trees.

Like the first past the post voting system, the embarrassment that is fan-voting continues to punish players in small-markets and over-reward players in big markets. While could be Hart Trophy candidate Jarome Iginla (on a career pace, and simply dominating) is off the first ballot, as is highest goal/game in the league ‘grinder’ Ryan Smyth, as is the mini-dynamo Steve Sullivan, or the revitalized Teemu Selanne.

And that’s just the Western Conference.

Who was picked ahead of these three deserving athletes? The underwhelming Jonathan Cheechoo who has been hurt, and when healthy hasn’t even been having a great season. Now, arguably the duel Joes (Thornton and Sakic) have had good seasons, but neither in my opinion have had the same impact Smyth, Sullivan or Iginla have.

In the West, alternate Hart Trophy candidate Martin Broduer lost first ballot to a good, but not nearly as good Ryan Miller. Martin Broduer is pretty much the only reason the Devils are even in the league this year. And Brian Campbell? After all the talk about mediocre defenceman making it…I’m not saying Brian Campbell isn’t a very good 3 or 4 defenceman, but he is simply not on the same level as someone like Jay Bouwmeester.

I agree with Gretzky that only deserving players should go to the All-Star game. That’s exactly why All-Star voting should end as of now.


the weaz said...

This year's all star voting kinda reminds me of junior high class president voting; popularity contest.

I agree they should change the system. Make it so fans get to choose what players from their team goes on the ballod and let the league decide from there.

I'm pretty sure what they are trying to do with fan voting is include the fans somehow... to "boost the popularity" of the game.

Kyle said...

Unfortunately they can't have their cake and eat it too. You can't ask fans to vote, and then get upset when you don't like their choice. I personally hope a new underdog is chosen for next year.

the weaz said...

Yeah, I never though of it that way. You're right. That's what I get for posting before my cornflakes. Take the fans out of the voting all together. The allstar game is a showcase of talent, not whose market has the largest fanbase.

Kyle said...

I wouldn't be the slightest bit upset if GMs and coaches got together and nominated players. Especially with news coming out that the NHL were throwing out Rory votes by the hundreds of thousands.