Saturday, January 20, 2007

Grudge Match!

Well, tonight is the rematch for last Saturday's game, but expect tonight's game to have a more physical edge. Horcoff was on tv last night saying the Flames are going to have to work for everything they get, and with all the criticism the Oilers have been taking regarding Boogaard's hit on Hemsky, the Oilers have recalled tough guy Zach Stortini.

In the Flames corner is Eric Godard, who has already KO'd the aforementioned Boogaard.

I give the initial fight to Godard by quite a bit, he seems to be the more skilled fighter, but give Stortini credit, he hung in better than Boogaard. Since this will be the second fight between the two, it will be referred to me as the Grudge Match. If Stortini wins or ties this one, we can call the next fight the Rubber Match.

The edge goes to the Flames, even on the road, against a woefully inept Oilers defence.


Scarlett said...

Well they started good, forechecking and throwing some good hits. They even dominated the play for the most part (early on), but the Flames get a break and it's all of a sudden 2-0. It should have been 3-0 for the Oilers after one. Damn!!!!

And apparently, the Flames were scared of Stortini. What a bunch of pansies!!!

MetroGnome said...

What a bunch of pansies!!!

Pansies who beat the "tough guy" Oilers 4-0 in their own building. On 2nd night of back-to-back games.

Anonymous said...

Yeah pansies. They don't mind throwing punches when the ref isn't looking, but refuse to throw it down when it matters. Dirty shits is what they are.

Kyle said...

Ya, it was another tough night for Edmonton, but the lesson her is; you simply cannot win on a consistent basis with 4 rookie defenceman in the lineup.

I thought the Oilers were going to be a lot more physical, especially against a Calgary team that played the night before, but they simply don't have the heavy hitter in the lineup they used to. The Czech line is simply laughable in terms of their physical play and you're never going to see big hits out of guys like Lupul and Horcoff.

Props to Bergeron for getting back into his beauty hip checks though, thats two games in a row he's layed down textbook examples.

I agree with you as well Scarlett, Edmonton held the early play, Calgary didn't have a shot until the 10 minute mark of the first, but managed to put one in on the PP.

Give credit to Calgary though, they played a really smart, fast, tough game. Kipper and Regehr in particular were outstanding, especially without Warrener in the lineup. Having to deal with Zyuzin on defence had to be tough enough.