Monday, June 26, 2006

Tanguay to Calgary! The best news as a Flames fan I heard at the draft. Sutter claimed he wasnt going after a big name but Tanguay is a guy thats actually been on a sort of dream list of mine for some time. All skill, probably should have been on the Olympic team. I worry though that he'll be able to remain healthy, especially if he buys into Sutter style hockey. Huselius seemed ok though, maybe all the crashing and banging will create room for Tanguay. Having to give up Leopold? Its too bad, but he really was a relatively redundant piece of the puzzle. Offensive defenceman who score two goals a year are somewhat useless, but in fairness, Leopold was very solid defensively. I wonder though how much he was riding Regher's coattails (same goes for Tanguay riding Sakic's).

Either way, how come Leopold was worth approximately Tanguay, but Lydman was worth a 3rd round choice, and Commodore and Montadore even less. Honestly, Leopold was younger than Lydman, but I dont think he was a lot better player. So did Sutter fleece the new Av GM, or did he get fleeced twice last year, or did a number 2-4 defenceman's value swing that much in the last year?

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