Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Apparently Luongo is set to leave Florida, and for Florida's sake, I say good riddance. Yes, Luongo is a great goalie, and has the potential to be even better, and for a while, I even sided with his frustration with the Panthers' organization and their incompetency. But in the last year they've done everything in their power to prove they're committed to winning. Signed a great head coach, signed their top player to a multiyear deal, have plenty of great young players (Bouwmeester, Horton, Krajicek), got terrific lockeroom leadership (Roberts, Niewendyk) and have even (reportedly) tried to woo Luongo with several high paying long term deals.

Now as I said earlier, Luongo is good, with potential to be great. But delaying signing with the excuse that you were waiting based on a commitment to win, when you obviously weren't waiting for that at all, just says to me that Luongo himself doesnt have a huge desire to win. Maybe he's content to play for borderline teams where all he is expected to do is make it look close as long as he gets a great paycheck (while proven winners like Kipprusoff and Broduer take a small cut to keep the team competitive). Signing with the Kings for an astronimcally unrealistic salary would only serve to reinforce my point.

Hey, I could be way off. But if I'm a team looking to sign/trade for Luongo, I'd certainly be thinking about it.

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