Monday, June 26, 2006

Pronger wants out

What is the deal with Chris Pronger? Has probably his best season ever, has a Hart worthy playoff performance, then asks for a trade? So his wife can be closer to Dryden? No offence Chris, but I hear that place is a hole. So now the Oilers are in the terrible position of trying to unload 6.5 million onto a small number of teams that can afford it, and who also know Lowe's hand is basically already forced. I was in an interesting debate today where I argued that publicaly asking for a trade (or admitting to asking for one) screws over your team super bad, because it shows all their cards in the deal. The other point was made though, that if Lowe traded Pronger, and the fans never found out he asked for a trade, Lowe would have looked like a total idiot. Talk about rock and a hard place.

Who should Edmonton be looking at for Pronger? Honestly, I have no idea what his value is. Probably the best player in the playoffs, Pronger was a menace all year to opponents. However, that salary of his is huge, and few teams can afford it, and like I said earlier, everyone will probably be lowballing Lowe. I would say hope for a young but talented forward and a steady defenceman in return. Honestly, I think Pronger is in the Rick Nash sort of value range, but I would be suprised if Edmonton got someone back that was in the Rick Nash range. Honestly, I wouldnt be going for a defenceman, because theres no one out that that is in the Pronger realm of effectiveness. An aquaintance mentioned Chara, but the two are incomparable, in my opinion, Pronger is a far superior hockey player. My other idea is to trade Pronger for a ton of pics and go after a guy like Jovonovski. I'll keep my thoughts updated as news comes in.

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