Friday, June 30, 2006

Cosimo be proud

Pisani has reportedly signed a 4 year $8 million deal with the Oilers. Even if he only scores 15 goals a year thats a good salary, and Pisani has shown himself to be useful in a variety of situations.

The one defenceman I've been neglecting to mention is Rob Blake. Probably the top D man still left on the market, Blake pretty much does it all. Lays down the big hip checks, reads plays well, is a good puck mover and shooter on the PP. If Phoenix is looking to trade for Pronger I would not be suprised if they heavily pursue Blake. Hes a bit older, but similar type of player, (although Blake is not nearly as dominant defensively) and Gretzky loves him. Given the price of defenceman I would think he'll reel in $7 million/year.

In Calgary theres speculation Mike Leclerc won't be resigned. To most Calgary fans, this won't be a big deal. Leclerc was benched for a bunch of playoff games, was hurt for a lot of his time in Calgary, wasnt really much of an impact on the team. But Sutter gave up Steven Reinprecht for this guy, and say what you want about Reinprecht, but he was at worst a mediocre 2nd line centre. He could play the wing, he had good instincts, and had a pretty good touch. (The Flames also picked up one of the worst goalies in the league in that trade, but thats another rant...). So why did Sutter trade away a 2nd line forward for nothing? Certainly Sutter has made some astute moves, but I have to question his asset management sometimes.

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