Sunday, July 01, 2007


T-10 hours or so until the stupidity starts. There's a lot of scribes out there who are saying the smart money is spent next summer, and I tend to agree with them. That said, the Flames need to win now, and the Oilers need to at the very least keep their heads above water (or turn a potential disaster season into simply a debacle season).

I probably won't update this much on July 1st, have a couple things to do, but if there's anything truly significant...well, I won't be out of the game for long.


TSN is reporting (that THN is reporting) Jarome has signed a 4 year extension at $7 million/year which in my opinion is a total steal. Now does that mean he has 4 more years on his current contract or 4 years on top of his original final year meaning he has 5 more years with the Flames?

more as it happens

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