Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kevin Lowe No Longer Wants to Be an NHL GM

Kevin Lowe signed Dustin Penner to a $21.5/5 offer sheet this afternoon, and it's a bad move for a number of reasons, most of which Lowetide has already summed up.

Goodbye Drew Doughty. Goodbye John Tavares. Goodbye Steven Stamkos. Hello years of futility.

While I thought the Vanek offer wasn't a prudent move, I could at least accept the numbers and player quality involved. Vanek has shown the potential to be another Ales Hemsky type player (or better) and having a couple of guys like that on the team would have been ok, even given the draft pick cost. The price was high, but I think it was a very fair offer and by the time Vanek hits free agency he'll be hearing numbers higher than that. At worst the Vanek move was reckless, but at best it was slick.

The Penner offer has none of the shrewdness of the Vanek offer. You could argue Vanek's numbers were inflated, but drop them all even 30% and they were still pretty respectable. Penner doesn't come close to the Vanek's production numbers, he's much older, and his competition was approximately equal (as arguably were his linemates).

Darcy Regier had the motivation and cap space to bail Lowe out of his idiocy.

Brian Burke has absolutely no reason to sign Penner for that much money, and I doubt he has the room anyway. Besides, if anyone loves draft picks it's Burke; I guarantee right now he's licking his chops thanking Lowe for giving him far more back than Penner would have received in any sort of trade deal.

This total string of idiocy has lead me to one conclusion. Kevin Lowe no longer wants to be an NHL general manager.

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MetroGnome said...

Agreed...this is an even worse gamble than the Vanek offer sheet. Penner has no where near the potential ceiling as Vanek...his numbers were inflated last year thanks to his opposition and teammates and they still weren't that impressive.

If Burke doesn't match, the Oilers have a 35 point, -10, $4.3M player on their hands.


Kyle said...

It seriously pains me to see what Lowe is doing to this team. I don't understand it at all.

Steal Thunder said...

If it was a team that was actually decent, like Detroit or even our beloved Flames, that was signing Penner to the offer sheet, it wouldn't look QUITE as bad, but we are talking about the Oilers and that's most likely going to be a top 10 draft slot, maybe even top 5...

That whole team needs a makeover, from the top on down to Craig Simpson (and I don't just mean a new hairstyle)...

Actually, on second thought, its the Oilers, so...

Go Kevin Lowe!!!

Kyle said...

I think your sentiments are echoed by most GMs in the league.