Thursday, July 26, 2007

Legal Problems

In Major League Baseball the all time home run record is about to be evened and bested by a man that everyone knows obviously cheated. The commisioner refuses to attend (or acknowledge) the record setting game.

In the National Basketball Association a referee has been booked on charges of betting on games. Commisioner David Stern calls it the worst situation he had experienced during his tenure as commissioner.

In the National Football League, star quarterback Mike Vick has been indicted on charges relating to his dog fighting operation, which included acts of cruelty including electrocuting dogs that weren't acting aggressive enough. He has been told not to show up at training camp.

In the National Hockey League, Eric and Jordan Staal were kicked out of a resort for being too rowdy at Eric's bachelor party, then arrested for carrying the party onto the highway late at night. Jordan was charged with drinking while under 21.

Thank god for the NHL.

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