Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Covering Your Ass - By Kevin Lowe

I just received this in my email box:

Oilers Statement regarding Michael Nylander

The Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club is compelled to clarify the unfortunate and unprecedented circumstances surrounding the Edmonton Oilers and Michael Nylander.

On Sunday, July 1, 2007, Kevin Lowe, Oilers General Manager, and Mr. Mike Gillis, Certified Agent for Michael Nylander, negotiated and agreed to a multi-year NHL Standard Players Contract, starting in 2007/08. Mr. Gillis confirmed same to the Oilers in writing.

The Oilers then proceeded with preparations to announce Mr. Nylander’s contract agreement on July 2, and concurrently continued with the process of negotiating with other free agents based upon Mr. Nylander being an important roster ingredient for the future.

However, while the Oilers were expecting the returned, signed agreements from Mr. Nylander and Mr. Gillis, the Oilers discovered through public announcements made mid-afternoon on July 2, that Mr. Nylander had subsequently entered into a long-term contract with the Capitals.

The Oilers can find no precedent for such conduct in our history. The Oilers are examining and pursuing every course of action available in the best interest of the team and our fans.

For legal reasons, the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club will not be discussing the details any further at this time.

Wow. Only the Oilers, only the Oilers.

If Kevin Lowe was smart he'd realize that he'd have looked like a bigger fool giving Smyth's money to Nylander. Who the hell is running the asylum anyway?


s0undwave said...

If I were in his shoes, I would have denied ever having trying to sign him. Although I think Lowe is more upset with the fact that he wasted time with Nylander--time that could have been used to pursue other free agents. I sympathize there.

However, why Nylander? The Oilers already have two top-six centermen in Horcoff and Stoll. The only thing that would make sense is if one of them were moved for a top-six winger. I think Lowe was better off trying to re-sign Sykora and plug the other holes with serviceable NHLers or rookies.

And if I were Lowe, I would learn to shut up.

MetroGnome said...

It really has become a gong-show up there.

Kyle said...

sound, that's about the only plausible explanation, but let's face it, the Oilers had no other prospective free agents to deal with. It's becoming more and more obvious that no one wants to deal with Lowe.

s0undwave said...

Kyle, that's what I'm thinking too. He may very well be blacklisted by many GMs and player agents. If this is the case, it's time for a new GM (too bad our suitable replacement went to Columbus).

It's time to clean house.