Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Odds and Ends

When Yashin's contract got bought out last week, I couldn't help but think it was the Smytty Factor at play. When the season ended Ryan made a remark such that it was a real disappointment playing with guys who weren't willing to leave it all on the ice. It's obvious who he was referring to, the management, players and coaching staff all loved him (and would love to have him back). Was buying out Yashin's contract the first step in an Islander bid to resign Smyth?

I'll say one thing, after all the crap Yashin has gotten away with over the years, I will laugh if it was the words of one Ryan Smyth that finally got him canned.


Speaking of, who is Yashin's agent anyway? That man must be the most talented agent on the planet. Well...maybe some of the credit has to go to Milbury and Wang.


NHL Awards are on Thursday night, just a couple predictions:

Even though it should got to Luongo, I think the players will select Sidney Crosby for the Lester B. Pearson. Reason being? Players seem to tend to shy away from selecting goalies, and Lecavalier got to play with St. Louis. Crosby had Malkin, but I think St. Louis is still the preferred linemate. I think Crosby's got the best shot at the Hart too - the Eastern media has never even watched Luongo and Brodeur pulls this MVP thing every year.

After watching Pahlsson in the playoffs, he's my vote for the Selke (I know playoffs don't count, ok?). I think he'll take the Selke home. Brind'Amour is more of a sentimental pick and Pandolfo plays for team Selke.

Pronger and Niedermayer will split the voters for the Norris, and Lidstrom will win it. Again...

Vigneault should win the Jack Adams, but (again, the eastern media) I think it will go to Ruff. Of the three teams nominated, the Sabres were the most formidable, and the hockey journalists seem to not want to give Therrien any credit for the Penguins' success.

Award the Vezina to Luongo. He's earned it.

In the early goings of the season my vote for Calder would have been Malkin, but both Staal and Stastny were better overall players in my opinion. Should go to Stastny, will go to Malkin.


I've mentioned multiple times that the trend seemed to be leaning towards a more balanced group of 6 defenders, none of whom could be considered a true number 1, and none of whom could really be considered a true number 6.

Calgary almost suceeded with that strategy in 04, I would argue that Tampa Bay did succeed with that strategy (even though Dan Boyle has more recently matured into a very competent number 1). Carolina won with that strategy last year, and I wondered allowed if it was even possible to win when spending upwards of $6 million on one defenceman (given current cap constraints).

I guess Anaheim blew away that theory.

Obviously Anaheim has a few cap bargains (Perry, Getzlaf, Penner, Beauchemin), but I think that will be common to all future Stanley Cup winners under this bargaining agreement.

That statement however, depends on the cap not stratifying the league to pre-cap period levels.


MetroGnome said...

I think Brodeur will give Luongo a run for his money for the Vezina. His numbers are just so damn impressive.

Kyle said...

He's still the best in the league for my money, but it just seems as if hockey writers have been waiting for that 'break out' season for Luongo. This was it.

Ryan said...

What's with the Penguins hating? I can see a little Canadian bias arguing for Luongo for Hart (of course you're very wrong), but Stansky over Malkin. I find it hard to believe that a long point streak of secondary assists justifies being placed over a dominant 85 point center playing with terrible wingers. It's the whole season...not the last 20 games.

Kyle said...

Not really sure what you mean by Penguin hating as I predicted Sidney for the Pearson (and I openly cheered for the Penguins in the playoffs...). If you wonder why I selected Stastny over Malkin for the calder (Malkin will win it anyway)it's because Stastny plays a much better all around game.

Malkin's point difference can easily be explained by his increased PPTOI (over 2 minutes extra/g). He also plays more ES time (about 1 minute) per game.

Did you see Malkin in the playoffs? Neither did I.

Not to mention, assists are worth the same as goals.

But really, both are great players. Malkin probably has a higher end point as well. Regardless, Stastny would be my vote.

Kyle said...

Sorry, when I say much better, thats an exaggeration. I just think he's got a better two way game, and gives up virtually nothing offensively.