Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Let's Start the Insanity?

A friend of mine left a cryptic facebook message on my wall, stating only: KEENAN!!!!

My response was 'crazy coaches of the 1990s?'

I guess the correct response would have been 'Possible Jim Playfair replacements?'

A couple quick thoughts:

  • I'm pretty sure the nice, fair, relaxed, well articulated guy you see on Making the Cut is not the same guy that coaches NHLers.
  • Even if Keenan isn't confirmed, it shows how little faith the organization has in Playfair just to have this sort of rumour leaked.
  • The fact that Keenan is theoretically preferable to Playfair is even more indicting of the organization's lack of faith in Playfair.
  • Keenan is preferable to Playfair, but in my opinion that's not saying much of anything.
  • Probably better off getting Keenan than we are getting Habschied.
  • At last look it seemed like the game passed Keenan by.



leanne said...

I noticed they're supposedly granting Playfair enough grace to not officially fire him... but yeah.


MetroGnome said...

Wow. Just wow.

Better him than Playfair if you ask me though.

duncan said...

Better him than Playfair

I think that's like saying, "better Bryan McCabe than Andrei Zyuzin." The new guy's older, more expensive and more famous, but you're screwed either way.

Kyle said...

You're both right!

MetroGnome said...

I agree, Duncan...

BTW, I would prefer McCabe to Andrei Zyuzin. Even at his stupid salary.

Kyle said...

BTW, I would prefer McCabe to Andrei Zyuzin. Even at his stupid salary.

Honestly disagree. At least with Zyuzin you can just not play him with that salary. McCabe would have to be a big part of the team, and that spells gauranteed disaster.

duncan said...

I'm with Kyle. If the salaries were the same I'd take McCabe in a minute — he's still an NHL defenceman, capable of playing in the four-spot and contributing on the power play. But that ain't worth $5.25 million, so you might as well pay Zyuzin 1.5 to sit in the press box and use the extra 3.75 for something useful.