Thursday, June 21, 2007

Calgary Flames Aquire Adrian Aucoin

TSN's Darren Dreger had reported earlier today that the Flames were looking to aquire Adrian Aucoin, and it appears exactly that has happened.


Chicago defenceman Adrian Aucoin has waived his no-trade clause and is on his way to the Calgary Flames, sources tell TSN.

The Flames were in the market for a defenceman and zeroed in on Aucoin, who has a history with new head coach Mike Keenan. In 1998-99, Aucoin scored 18 of his 23 goals on the powerplay for Keenan's Vancouver Canucks. (Source)

I remember when Aucoin had that great year on the Island, and at the time I coveted him for sure. Over the next two years he suffered catastrophic injuries and only managed to play about 1 full season (over two seasons) for the Blackhawks, who signed him to a multi-year $4 million/year deal.

As the article mentions, Aucoin played under Keenan in Vancouver, so we keep with the Sutter connection theme (as in, everyone aquired by the Flames has some sort of previous connection with the GM or coaching staff).

Aucoin played about 21 minutes of ice time/game last season which ranks him 77th for defenceman, he was a -22, although that statistic is inflated due to the fact he played on Chicago. On the plus side, Aucoin had 3 GWG, tied for 8th among defenceman and was the team captain.

All in all, the Flames got an aging, injury prone, expensive defenceman, who is probably a lateral move from Hamrlik (although he has more potential if he stays healthy in my opinion).


Update: TSN is now reporting the deal won't be completed until Friday due to paperwork.


PB said...

Great picture of that check by Aucoin.

That's going to leave a mark!


Steal Thunder said...

Crap, I posted the came picture before checking here... now I'll have to go and change it... ;)

duncan said...

Leanne is saying that the Flames might be paying Zyuzin, which would make this worth it on every level. Like I said at my place, I think there's a fair chance Aucoin was just eaten alive by having to play in Chicago. He isn't too old at 34, and ye olde change of scenery couldbr/>
Or, he could get injured in Game 2 and miss the season, what do I know.

Kyle said...

PB/ST: Great picture isn't it? Hope he lays down that sort of game all season.

Duncan: Yep, TSN is now reporting Zyuzin is going the other way, which means the overall budget difference is only $2.5 million, plus we get to lose Zyuzin, so in my opinion, this deal became a lot more attractive.

The viability of this deal though depends almost entirely on Aucoin staying healthy.

MetroGnome said...

I think Keenan still has pals over at TSN (Dreger?). Notice the last 2 Calgary deals have been "leaked" and reported before they were official?

leanne said...

Yeah. Well. Sutter's never been media-friendly... I guess Keenan's trying to curry some favour with the press before they write him off entirely again.

walkinvisible said...

is "curry some favour" a real saying ?

leanne said...

Apparently so

That, or I'm not the only crazy person. Also possible.