Saturday, December 02, 2006

Vote For Rory

America doesn't vote for a new president until 2008. Canada will not have a federal election for some time either (barring unforseen circumstances). In Alberta there is a leadership race for the provincial Progressive Conservative Party. But in the hockey world, there is only one current campaign that matters: Rory Fitzpatrick for NHL All Star Game 2007.

Sure, he hasn't played a game since early November. And sure, he has no points. But Rory deserves your vote, and here's why:

Steve Schmid, The organizer of says that Rory is your classic lunch pail guy who never gets acknowledgement for his hardwork. He claims the all-star game is full of pretty boys who don't always deserve their recognition. He'd like to, just once, have a hard working no-nonsense guy in the game.

The reason I think you should vote for Rory is because I think fan voting for the All-Star game is stupid. Fans are unlikely to vote for 'no-name' players who are performing well, and they are unlikely to vote for very good players from small market franchises. I especially think its stupid to stage the voting so certain players are more likely to be voted in from the get-go. There is always a short-list of players in every position, and then the hassle 'write-in' vote. Shouldn't the ease of voting be equal for all players?

Schmid agrees: “It's not who deserves it, it's who has the biggest fan base.”

Voting in Fitzpatrick would prove to the league that All-Star voting is a joke, plus it would be nice to see a hard working lunch pail guy in the game.

So from now, until All Star Voting closes, do the right thing: Vote For Rory.

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