Monday, December 18, 2006

Keys to the Game - Review

Alright, lets review:

Shut Down Selanne - Fail
Although he was held to 1 assist on the scoresheet, Selanne made the play in the offensive zone as the last seconds of the 1st period ticked away. Instead of going into the intermission up 1-0, the Flames must settle for a tie after 1. A heartbreaking event for the Flames.

Giggy vs. Kipper - Fail
I'm not going to sit and say Kiprusoff played a bad game, after all, he made 37 saves, including many in spectacular fashion in the first and second, however, I thought he let in one softy, and it was arguably the difference in the game. With the Flames having just lost the lead about 3 minutes earlier, Dustin Penner had a step on Phanuef and unleashed a wrister. Kipper misplayed it and the bad angle shot slipped between Kipper's body and arm. I'm calling that play the turning point in the game. Meanwhile, Giguere let in one early in the first and shut the door after that.

Secondary Scoring - Fail
I said that if the Flames were to win someone other than Langkow, Iginla or Tanguay had to show up on the scoresheet. Well the Flames lost and guess whose names were on the scoresheet for the Flames lone goal.

I am officially writing off this road trip as a failure, as determined by the conditions I set here* over at Five Hole Fanatics.

*By tournament I meant roadtrip. Brainfart...

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MetroGnome said...

It's tough to get too bent out of shape about the loss last night. Lacking 3 regular defenseman against the best team in the league is a formula for disaster every time.

If the Flames can come out of this road trip with 6 points, I'll be satisfied.