Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Evening Post

  • Hitchcock got fired and Bobby Clarke stepped down today. The fact that Clarke is no longer in charge of the Flyers organization is huge news for Philly fans, and by huge, I mean good. While Clarke was a hell of a hockey player, he was not a hell of a GM, (in his more recent years anyway). I will however always remember him for proposing to bring Gretzky into the Hockey Canada management group. There are rumours flying around that Mike Keenan might take over in Philly. Out of the frying pan and into the fire…
  • Speaking of coaches that are concerned about their jobs, you have to believe Bryan Murray, John Tortorella, Wayne Gretzky, Gerald Gallant and Jim Playfair are mildly watching their backs. Murray and Playfair appear to have lost the confidence of the fans, Tortorella looks like he's losing control of the players, and Gallant and Gretzky are failing under increased but still low end expectations. My pick for first to go would be Tortorella. The first currently unemployed coach I think will be hired? Andy Murray.
  • It turns out Luongo's relationship with Keenan was pretty strained after all. The Edmonton Journal ran a story today claiming that the final straw was when Keenan was screaming at Luongo about his contract demands on a plane ride in front of all Luongon's teammates. Good luck Flyers?
  • Is the Edmonton Oilers' organization having an identity crises with one of their players? While most media outlets have spelled Patrick Thoresen's last name as 'Thoresen,' some (including the Edmonton Sun) media outlets, as well as within Rexall displays spell it 'Thorsen' without the 'e.' Can someone in Edmonton figure this out? edit: Thanks to Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal for getting back to me so quickly.

Kyle: It's Thoresen. Mind you this comes from a guy who wrote a story on evgeni malkin today quoting petr sykora, then had sykora on the brain and called him ziggy palffy's agent, when palffy's agent is petr svoboda.
thanks for the interest,

I actually read the article he was referring to today, and it was about how Malkin tends to have his head down in the neutral zone. Something to keep an eye on for sure.

  • Aaron Downie is claiming Regehr is lucky he didn't get up, cause he would have taught Regehr a lesson. Listen Aaron, the fact is you couldn’t get up because you had your brains scrambled. That’s like saying Ken Shamrock would have destroyed Ortiz had his limp head stopped bouncing off the canvas from Tito's relentless barrage of elbows.
  • Actually, I'm sorry I didn't comment on that hit earlier. Wow, that his was amazing, no other word to describe it. And anyone that’s calling it dirty doesn't know hockey or physics. You can hit a guy anywhere you want on the body, but if its at the same velocity theres going to be a fair amount of damage done. Regehr is one of the best finishers in the league, you can ask Ville Pehltonen once he recovers from the hit he took in the Gold Medal game of the 2004 World Cup of Hockey.
  • Have I mentioned yet how much I like Rexall Place? Sure its old, crowded, has overpriced beer, and is small, but something about looking up and seeing all those championship banners, the retired jerseys, that imposing 'WELCOME TO OIL COUNTRY.' And where else but Edmonton can you see a team multimedia introduction where players are drag racing ford trucks? Does anyone remember that?
  • Theodore, way to show Canadian fans what they're missing daily, nightly and ever so rightly.
  • Ted, I wouldn't call Crosby a diver, look at what happened to the last guy who did that.

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MetroGnome said...

Haha...I read that Downie comment recently as well. Laughable.