Thursday, October 26, 2006


Perhaps it was karma for beating the Coyotes so soundly two nights before that caused the Oilers to collapse last night. Perhaps it was unlucky bounces. Or perhaps, and this is more likely, the simply weren't the best team on the ice.

The score doesnt tell the whole story of course. The Oilers handily outshot the Ducks, but Roloson had an uncharacteristically 'off' night, from the botched coverup on the first goal, to the Getzlaf post-back-in goal, Roloson just did not look good.

Not that the rest of the team looked great either. The Smyth-Horcoff-Lupul line looked pretty ineffective, and although the Hemsky-Sykora-Thoresen line looked dangerous, they were unable to convert. I would have to say the best line of the night was a toss up between the third line or fourth line, both played an aggressive offensive forcheck all game and developed chances off of said pressure. Pisani was held goalless but played his best game of the season by far.

The Oilers' best player was Marc Andre Bergeron. He controlled the point well during the PP, was defensively responsible all night and made good outlet passes (and there were some bad ones last night by the Oilers). The fact that Bergeron was the Oilers' best player is probably a key sign of why they lost however.

The Oilers have not been good on the road this season, so tonight's game against the Coyotes will be a good test of their mettle. Then again, it is the Coyotes...

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