Friday, October 13, 2006

Random Thoughts: Flames/Sens, Oilers/Sharks

Flames vs. Senators

  • I won't complain about a shut-out win, but it still bothers me that the Flames have to play PERFECT in order to win. The Flames are talented enough to be able to score more than 1 goal a game, and this win won't put the worrywarts to rest.
  • Double Dion!!! Ok, well just a single tonight, but its always nice to see Phanuef put his stamp on the game.
  • Does anyone but me notice that Chuck Kobasew takes one big hit a game? Watch for it, its happened for every game thus far this season, and it happened in virtually every game last year. Keep your head up Chuck.
  • Huselius is the Flames best offensive weapon right now. Got an assist on the only goal of the game and had a couple nifty moves on the play, but the goal was really a result of good digging and driving to the net for a shot. Who'd a thunk it?
  • Congrats to Kipper on what I hope is only the first of many shut outs this season.

Oilers vs. Sharks

  • Tjarnqvist is the ultimate Jekyll and Hyde. One minute he's making a blundering defensive error or forcing shot opportunities on the PP, the next he's making highlight reel 2 line breakaway passes. Consistency Daniel, consistency.
  • God dammit Hemsky, keep your stick on the ice, not on the opposing player's jersey/arm/face etc.
  • Steve Staios on a breakaway. What more can one say?
  • PPs, PPs, and more PPs. Both teams looked dangerous, but I couldn’t help but think the Sharks were going to score on just about every chance. The way Cheechoo was burying them early it looked to be a long night. In the end, the Sharks went 3/10. The Oilers PP went to work though, and punished SJ twice on a double Kyle McLaren hooking call. Edmonton finished 2/4.
  • The Oiler's PK does not look as good as it did with Pronger. That might be where the Oilers miss his 12 foot wingspan the most
  • Smyth pulls out a natural hat trick in 2:01s. This beats the previous fastest 3 goals in Oiler history, set by a little known player named Wayne Gretzky back in 81'. His time? 2:18s.
  • Nice to see Thoresen get his first NHL goal. Couldn’t have played much after that, as he only logged just over 3 minutes of ice time.
  • Here is the current main difference between watching Flames' games, and watching Oilers' games. If the Flames go down 3-1, you can't help but think, 'its over.' When watching the Oilers go down 4-1 you think, 'this is quite the hole, but lets see what happens.' For those that didn’t tune away in disgust tonight after the 2nd period, you were rewarded by a tremendously exciting game.
  • I guess lots of talent up front is a good problem to have, but it’s a shame quality players like Jarret Stoll and Fernando Pisani have their 5-5 ice time reduced so much. Tonight Pisani made most of the lost 5-5 time up by playing PK, but really, he (and Stoll) are good enough to play on the 1st or 2nd line. Stoll played just over 6 minutes of even strength time, only Thoresen and Winchester had less
  • Shawn Horcoff is looking a bit invisible offensively. Can't score if you don't take any shots.
  • therealdeal turning point? Thornton breaks off the check of an Oiler along the side wall and drives to the net. He pulls out a fantastic move on Dwayne Roloson and has a wide open net, only to have Roloson make a stick save out of nowhere. 10 Seconds later Lupul gives Smyth a beautiful breakaway pass and bangs home the rebound.

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MetroGnome said...

It's not just you - Kobasew gets hammered at least once per game. I took to calling him "punching bag" last year...