Sunday, September 24, 2006


Well, its been half a preseason's worth of predictions and I'm already wrong. Oiler's coach Craig MacTavish has basically told the press that barring unforseen circumstances, Patrick Thoresen will make the team.

I will personally plead ignorance on this one. I had never really heard of Thoresen, and although he played well in the preseason game I watched in Calgary, (with a shorthanded goal and a seeing eye laser assist) I didnt think he had a chance given all the more well established young players competing for spots. Mikhnov leapt over the iron curtain, Shremp set the OHL ablaze, Peterson and Winchester made headlines in the playoffs, Pouliot played with Syd the Kid, JF Jacques played a couple games in the majors - but this Thoreson? From Norway? No way!

"We haven't had that in a while, a player from Europe come in here and be as polished and complete and effective as he's been," said MacTavish.

Last year Thoresen finished top 10 in scoring in the Swedish Elite league, so he comes to the camp with experience, and confidence playing against men at a pretty high level. Where he slots in with this Edmonton team will be very interesting, as it seems to me like they already have 3 solid offensive lines, and he didnt look like a crasher and banger to me.

In all fairness to myself however, MacTavish has also said there are going to be 14 roster spots (oh which 12 are currently filled.) So hold on, the fight for those last two spots are going to be very close.

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