Sunday, September 17, 2006

Flames Prospect Roundup

A few thoughts on Flames prospects based purely on tonight's preseason matchup versus the Panthers:

Kris Chucko - 1st Round 2004.
At the time he was a consolation prize, because the Flames really wanted to draft Kyle Chipchura. From the looks of tonight's game alone, Chucko is no prize. Is not a strong skater and looked quite nervous. I would say no chance of making the team.

Brandon Prust - 3rd Round 2004
When it comes to Prust, what you see is what you get. He knows his job is to go out there, crash and bang, dig hard in the corners, and keep the opposition honest. I felt he did this job well tonight, in spite of the fact he was sometimes caught running around looking for the hit instead of being in position. Got in a fight with Anthony Stewart, and I would say won, although it wasn’t an all time great fight. Not a bad chance to make the team. Not that Calgary doesn’t have any, but it tends to be easier to break into the league as a banger than a playmaker.

Dustin Boyd - 3rd Round 2004
Boyd is speedy, shifty, has a bit of a touch with the puck, although he seemed a bit undersized. I thought he looked good out there, although he did get hammered pretty hard in the first period. Has some undesirable Kobesew/Lombardi traits, such as a lack of physicality and a tendency to hold onto the puck too long. Scored a goal. I would bet he'll be joining the Knights this year for further development, but looks to be a solid prospect.

Carson Germyn - UFA signing
A bit of a standout performance tonight. Had the second star of the game, 1 goal, and looked very competent. Probably the prospect I was most surprised by. Has a small chance at making the team, although will probably end up as a black ace.

Mark Giordano - UFA signing
Flames fans have seen Giordano last season as a call up. He looked very good tonight, makes good passes, is suprisingly mobile, and seems to always play with confidence. I would suggest he will make the team as the 7th defenceman, if we carry 7. If we only carry 6, I would bet he'll be our first call up, as I felt he had a bit of a step on Richie Regher.

Richie Regher - UFA signing
Looked good at times, looked lost at others. Layed a huge hit down, and kept his shots low and hard on the powerplay. Obviously the 7th defenceman is between him and Giordano, but I think it is Giordano who has the upper hand.

Brent Krahn - 1st Round 2000
1st star of the game, looked confident, controlled rebounds, got up and down quickly. Possibly looked good due to quality of opponents, but more likely is just maturing. I suspect his training camp will go down much like last years - he will look good but ultimately lose the job to the other recently signed backup goaltender.

I am still very interested in seeing:
Dan Ryder - 2005 (Micheal Ryder's brother)
Matt Pelech - 2005 (Has no chance at making the team, but would like to see what he's made of)
Andrei Taratukhin - 2001 (Part of this year's Russian invasion, including Malkin and Edmonton's Mikhnov)
Brent Sutter - 2005 (Red Deer Rebels Captain, and a Sutter)
Aki Seitsonen - 2004 (Finnish)


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