Sunday, September 03, 2006

Luongo exacts revenge?

The Iron Mike era in Florida is officially over. After gaining control of the team in late spring of 2004, Keenan made his mark, signging Martin on as coach, adding veteran leadership in Niewendyk and Roberts, and trading away disenfranchised franchise goaltender Roberto Luongo for disgruntled winer Bertuzzi.

Whether any of these moves were right or wrong is debatable, but changing your architecht halfway through renovating the house, especially after all the walls are knocked out, it undebatably stupid. Once you've made changes, you have to see it through. Even the Mona Lisa would have looked terrible if you saw it halfway finished.

To be fair though, at this time its uncertain whether Keenan was fired, or stepped down. All we know is that Keenan no longer has any Panthers, but the Panthers still have a lot of Keenan.

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