Monday, July 03, 2006

Stevie Wonder Hangs em' Up

Extremely sad day in hockey with Stevie Y hanging up his skates. Obviously this year he didnt have the same ability as in previous years, but for my money, he was still Detroit's best player in the playoffs, and he still had moves. Late last season he scored a goal in Calgary, and I had to stand up and applaud him. He still had it then, and he probably still has it now. What glowing praise could I give Stevie that hasnt already been shed upon him? Even Gretzky said Yzerman was probably the best player in the league, and that was while Mario was tearing it up! All I can do today is think back of all my fond memories of Stevie, and everything he brought to the game; his skill, his leadership, and his passion.

Thanks for the memories Stevie.

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