Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Flames sign two

The Flames today managed to sign Tangauy to about 5.25/year for three years which I feel is a bit of an overpayment. Stall signed for $4.5, and no one is saying Tangauy is as good as Stall (and is moderately injury prone), I would have thought Calgary could have signed him to somethign a lot closer to 4, but I'll just have to trust Sutter got him as cheap as possible. It will be interesting to see if Tanguay does play a centre role for the team. I don't doubt hes better than Lankow at centre, but I think he would be much better utilized as a winger. When Ryan Smyth was put at centre he survived, but hes a comparably much better winger. Of course, time will tell.

The Flames also aquired FA Jeff Friesen and I for one am not very excited. Friesen has been rumoured to be joining Calgary for near 10 years. He was rumoured as a returning player for Theo Fleury should he be traded, and that was pre 1998. Friesen's stock was much higher at the time obviously.

He just seems like an incredibly redundant player for Calgary to aquire. How many third liners does Calgary need? Hopefully he'll at least be better than Amonte, but thats not saying much.

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