Monday, July 24, 2006

The sideshow returns

Sean Avery, maybe the most dispised man in hockey, has been resigned by the LA Kings. While many journalists and fans will say they love Avery because he calls it as he sees it, I say wake up and smell the coffee. Avery's 'view' of the world is so disgusting I think everytime he speaks we all all dumber for hearing it. For a 3rd line guy who hasnt had any real success to speak of, Avery sure does think highly of himself.

I'm not going to say Avery isnt a good hockey player - because he is. He's very good at what he does, trash talking, getting under guys skin, he's actually mildly underrated in terms of his actual hockey skills as well. Regardless, he's not a guy I would want on my team, and I'm the kind of person who feels there is room on the roster for guys like Claude Lemieux and Brian Marchment.

The problem for me is not Avery's on ice game, its his off-ice. He slings so much shit that it just covers everyone. He's disrespectful to the league, and in fact the whole game of hockey. He takes attention away from the game, away from the players, and puts it where it doesnt belong - on himself. That might be commendable if he did it in hard times, to take blame for losses, but in fact, it seems the worse the team does, the more aggravating Avery gets to his teammates, as shown by his within team suspension last year. So Folks, if youre reading this, lets all ignore Sean and his comments this year. Maybe if no one listens he'll just go away.

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