Monday, May 28, 2007

Stanley Cup Finals - 5 Reasons to Cheer for the Ottawa Senators

5. Ray Emery

A former Jr. C goalie may win the Cup. Emery was discovered by a scout who was early to the rink to see another prospect, when he caught Emery playing in the Jr. C game. The rest is history, but what a change in life plans it must have been for Emery. Just a great story overall.

4. Bring the Cup Home
1993. That was the last time a Canadian team brought the Cup north of the 49th. Since then, Calgary and Edmonton have come within a couple goals of the Cup, but both failed to seal the deal. Have you ever seen Happy Gilmour, when his golfing instructor told him to put the ball in the hole, to send it home. Well Canada is the Cup's home. Send it home.

3. Dany Heatley
I mentioned to BD that Heatley has never been quite the same player since he crashed his 360 Modena, killing his friend Dan Snyder. Thats saying something considering Heatley has had back to back 50 goals seasons. A Cup win would solidify Dany's place as more than a sniper; he will be rightfully known as a winner, something he's proven himself as a member two Team Canada World Championship Golds. Plus I think there's a chance Dany will bring the Cup back to my neck of the woods should he win.

2. Toronto's Futility Continues
Is there a better reason to cheer for the Senators? For years T.O. faithful have rubbed it in Senator fans' faces that the Laffs always beat the Senators in the playoffs. Well not only has T.O. not even made the big show, the Sens may win it. Being a Senators fan in Toronto just got a little sweeter. Not that I would know.

1. Someone Will Give A Damn
Someone over at LT's mentioned that Earl Sleek admitted the Ducks probably only had about 40,000 fans who would celebrate. Let's face facts, Ottawa is already going Cup crazy, in similar fashion to Calgary and Edmonton the last couple of years. Having lived through both recent runs, I can only imagine the pandemonium following an actual win.


MetroGnome said...

#6 - long suffering Dean McAmmond gets his due. He's been shafted at the trade deadline twice and was laid up by a back issue when the Flames had their run. I always liked Deano and I think he's been a great addition to the Senators this season.

Kyle said...

Ya I thought about adding Deaner but then I would have to concede Saprykin.

I would say good on him if they win though.