Saturday, May 26, 2007

Stanley Cup Finals - 5 Reasons to Cheer for the Anaheim Ducks

5. They Really Are the Best

Despite the name change, they're even mightier than before. Pronger, Niedermeyer, Selanne, Giguere, Carlyle, Getzlaf, Pahlsson After watching them play the Flames in the playoffs last year, I had a feeling they were destined for good things.

"2. Anaheim - If Anaheim plays this correctly, they could have either Pronger or Neidermeyer on the ice during the whole game. If this doesn’t intimidate opponents, nothing will. While the Ducks still have goaltending issues (who's the number 1 today?) its not as if neither guy can handle the job. Their forwards are young, but last year proved they have what it takes to get the job done. Probably the Cup favorites." -therealdeal Hockey, October 3, 2006

4. Ryan Getzlaf
When he played for the Hitmen he was considered soft. On his first year tryout with the Ducks the word was he was sent back down to the Hitmen and told to play a tougher game. I couldn't stand him, he wasn't a good captain. The Hitmen had a good team, and with him leading it they never seemed to match their potential. I thought he looked disappointing the whole 2005 World Jr. tournament - that is, until the final game. He scored (as I recall) the opening goal, setting the tone for the rest of the game. He's been playing inspired hockey ever since.

3. JS. Giguere
Kelly Hrudey and Pierre Maguire describe him as unathletic, critics claim that his pads are his only saving grace. No one believes in JS Giguere, but it hasn't seemed to matter. After carrying his team to the final in '03, seeing him receive the Conn Smythe trophy could only be described as heartbreaking. Seeing him win the Cup would be a sweet finish to that storyline.

2. The Niedermeyer Brothers
Having a brother that I play hockey with, I know how awesome it must be for the Niedermeyer brothers to play on the same team. Because Scott is the captain, and Rob is the assistant, I can't imagine another team having a more unified leadership voice and vision. And the fact that they've both been big contributors to the Duck's post season success makes it even sweeter. In 03 Mom Niedermeyer said she was cheering for Rob because he had never won a cup- hopefully the Niedermeyer household can have an undivided Stanley Cup celebration this June.

1. Hope for the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers
The Carolina Hurricanes went on a Cinderella run in 2002, but lost in the Stanley Cup finals to the Detroit Red Wings. 4 years later, the 'Canes beat out the Cinderella Oilers to win the Stanley Cup. In 2003, the Anaheim Mighty Ducks took a Cinderella run to the finals, losing in 7 games to the NJ Devils. If they win this year, it'll be 4 years after their Cinderella run. If the trend continues, the Flames will win the Cup next year, and the Oilers the year after that. There's no better reason to cheer for the Ducks than that.

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6. teemu needs a cup


7. alfredsson's bad karma makes it almost impossible to imagine the sens winning.