Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Rematch (in pictures)

Kipper makes a diving save in the 1st.

Tampa strikes first
Good timing too!

St. Louis dominates the PK forecheck. Seriously, this guy is a machine.

Brad Stuart continues to struggle, firing a phantom shot in the second. This is just a picture of him pretending to play defence though.

Holy shit! Zyuzin, Rhettsky and Friesen hook up for a goal? Luckily they didn't panic like the fan beside me who screamed at Zyuzin to 'DO SOMETHING' as he set up the play behind the net.

Did Dion Do Good? No, his stick just exploded into the net.

It looked like Conroy put one in here, but Tampa players politely disagreed.

God damn right.

"So did you guys see 300 yet?"

Tampa's luck runs out.

Gratuitous Shane O'Brien shot for Finny.

The game has been so entertaining, why not 5 more minutes?
Oh for god sakes. I'm not sure Hamrlik deserved a 4 minute for this one, but I guess thems the breaks.
We at least show some fight on the 5-3.
An all too familiar result.

That about sums up my feelings at the end.


MetroGnome said...

Are the Flames the most penalized team (in terms of PIM/OT minutes played) this year in the extra frame? It's certainly starting to feel that way.

Katie O'D said...

"DO SOMETHING" is my trademark line. And like that guy, usually the player then proves me wrong and "does something". Can't ever hate a Flames loss, but on the other hand the standings don't really matter anymore.
Love the sidebar mention of Stastny! He has been a "beauty" this year for the Avs. He's a very complete, mature player. Him and Wolski have gotten my hopes up about the future.

Kyle said...

MG: Thats actually a good question, I wonder how one would go about finding that out. I would say though that the calls on Saturday weren't as bad as the ones nearing the end of the game against Chicago a month or so ago.

KOD: Ya, Stastny has just been awesome this year (and he just officially broke the record), I would say he's overshadowed the presence of Wolski who was a bit more hyped. If the Avs ever get those two and Svatos going...

Katie O'D said...

Haha don't even get me started about Marek. That boy's given me fits this year. The idea of him clicking on a line with Stastny and Hejduk is too much, but he needs to play again before that can happen. Wolski has has been fortunate to have chemistry with Sakic and score some timely goals, but overall Stastny is a better player. He's smarter and more resposible defensively than you'd expect out of a rookie.