Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Blame Game

Sure, its easy to sit back and criticize after the fact. Thats exactly why I'm going to do it!


Alex Tanguay - totally invisible. Although several times I could've sworn you were playing with

Tony Amonte - Hmm...-2, good one Grandpamonte. Honestly, this guy HAS to have pictures...

Jeff Friesen - Just because

Daymond Langkow - not your finest game

Defence: Everybody, but in particular:

Roman Hamrlik - beauty game there. What, like 7 penalties and 1000 giveaways? Nice job.

Brad Stuart - Way to fire the puck out on the PK. Out of the field of play that is. Nice job 1-1 against Tootoo as well. I think you may be the best 1-1 defender in the NHL!

Dion Phaneuf - Wasn't the best time to pinch there buddy.

Andrei Zyuzin - lets say this, the high point of your game was when I thought you might be too hurt to continue.

Mark Giordano - I would say your biggest mistake of the game was the suicide pass to Amonte. Why couldn't you have placed it a bit more out of his reach so he REALLY got hammered?

Robyn Regehr - sadly, you were probably our best tonight, but can we cut down the number of breakaways against while you're on the ice to two a game or so?

Goalie: None. Kipper played average but wasn't the difference.

Good players:

Jarome Iginla - accounted for 2/3 of our offense.

David Moss - nice screen on the other 1/3 of our offense

Craig Conroy - Close but no cigar. Still, I thought your game was on.

Stephane Yelle - you won the important defensive zone draw at the end of the second, too bad you won it back to Harmlik.

Kristian Huselius - one of the few + players, set up Jarome for a goal

That's about it.

Does anyone notice that one list is shorter than the other? Oh, that reminds me, how do you think the golf courses are going to look in April?


duncan said...

No way on Yelle. He had his moments, but that weak little flail at the puck in the neutral zone was the reason Nashville went on the odd-man rush on their second goal. A guy who's only around for his defence can't make that play. Otherwise, yeah, especially on Amonte. I think Gio gave him that suicide pass intentionally.

hockeygirl said...

Jeff Friesen - Just because

Wow, talk about tough love - the schmuck gets a goal after how many games and he gets "just because"?

Oh, remember how I said I was going to start ragging on GrandpAmonte in hopes it would turn his game around a la Huseliuseful earlier this year? Well, I figured out that it only worked because you were so staunchly defending Juice and I was finding holes in your theories which brings me to Amonte - who's going to start giving me positives to crush beneath my feet?

Kyle said...

Duncan: On the other hand, Hamrlik gets that puck out, or covers it, and its a different game going into the third. Maybe he just played average though.

HG: Ya, I'm a little hard on Jeffy, but he just overall sucks. And I think you're right about your Amonte theory. HG, don't rag on Amonte, he has a great mix of talent and grit...that this team nee...dammit I can't do it!!

hockeygirl said...

And I think you're right about your Amonte theory. HG, don't rag on Amonte, he has a great mix of talent and grit... that this team nee... dammit I can't do it!!

NOOOOOoooooo!!! Then who will?

MetroGnome said...

Amonte has a...good...attitude when interviewed...?

Does that count?

Kyle said...

HG: Maybe that pinball player Tommy could sing Amonte's praises...

MG: Also, his flowing hair and cool style! BEST FA aquisition EVER!