Sunday, November 26, 2006

Route! Route! Route!

3 hours to Edmonton, 25 minute train ride to the game, 25 minutes back, and 2.5 hour drive back to Calgary the next day, all for 60 minutes of Oiler action. And it was totally worth it.

I'm disappointed to say that I am picture-less. I forgot the camera just before we left for the game (I'd like to say it was because of the pops we had consumed but basically I just wasn't thinking).

The game was awesome, the Oilers basically dominated in all areas. I didn't know this while watching, but I guess Bergeron was screamed out in practice earlier in the day. Well he played a very solid game, I thought he made some very nice defensive zone decisions, and he scored a goal (albiet a pointless one). Very interesting to see today that in the Superskills competition Bergeron was the fastest skater AND had the hardest shot at 103.5mph.

Hemsky had one crazy shift where he just went headhunting. I didn't catch what set him off but it was a very strange site indeed.

Obviously one standout was Sean Horcoff who has definately increased his level of play of late.

Sad to see the first game Staois had missed in 224 (I think) in a row.

Seabrook was probably the one positive for the 'Hawks, he played tough and smart the whole night and laid out Marty Reasoner (another standout Oiler on the night).

Funniest moment of the night: The enthusiastic chorus of boos let loose when the Oiler's next home opponent, the Ducks, were announced.

Some distressing news the other night during Sattelite Hotstove: Eric Duhatschek claimed that the Oilers wanted to sign Smyth to a 4-5 year deal, but were only prepared to offer him about $5 million, which was an unnacceptable number to the Smyth camp. Note to Lowe: DON'T lowball Smytty. As McLean pointed out, how can you give Hemsky just over $4 million a year, but offer Smyth just under 5?


the weaz said...

Yeah, this whole Smitty contract thing is shivering my timbers. How can we possibly not afford to give him what he wants... deserves. Iginla is making what, $6 million a year? point for point, Smitty's worth at LEAST that much.

Finny said...

wow, long ride for a game, but I'm glad it was worth it... I'm surprised to not see a pre-Pronger-post... any chance you'll put up your opinion?

Kyle said...

I'll probably post some Pronger thoughts after the game, but I was hoping I could just post up some humourous signs that fans brought to the game. So far thats been a huge bust!