Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Star Whine III: Revenge of the Smid

In an attempt to be slightly different from every other Oilers or Ducks blog/fan around the NHL, I don't particularily want to comment on the Pronger situation. I'm still disappointed he's no longer around, but like Kevin Lowe said, the absence of Pronger's salary could help keep the rest of the Oiler's core (ie. Smyth) around. (Now sign Ryan Smyth for god's sake!). Besides, I actually thought the Big Dude's blog on Sportsnet was one of the most interesting.

I was however hoping there would be some funny sign's posting in regards to Pronger's return. I heard of one that said 'I hate Pronger but I can't say why because it's personal.'

Lyle Seitz of Professional Skate fame is reffing the game tonight. If there are any hockey players reading this blog that are looking for a place in Calgary to get a skate sharpening I would highly recommend Pro Skate.

There were some indications this morning that Danny Syvret would get to play for the Oilers tonight. Staois is still not ready to go which is bad news for the Oilers, but I was really interested in seeing Syvret play. He dominated in Jr. and the only real rap he gets is that he's undersized. Well I know of another undersized defenceman that does a pretty damn good job, (a couple actually) so I don't particularily like that explanation. The question of why Markennan missed the Oilers' superskills is answered, as he's suffering from some sort of ailment, in his place, Jeff Deslauriers was called up and is suited up for the game.

Some thoughts:
Marty Reasoner is continuing his strong performance from the 'Hawks game. His line with Winchester and Torres is one of the Oilers' best. They've got a goal, Torres laid down a nice hit, Winchester fought, and they've gotten several very good scoring chances.

I've been saying it for a week or so, but Pisani is playing better hockey. He had the PP chance in the first and scored the beauty rebound backhand in the second, but he just tends to make good decisions all over. *** edit - The goal has officially been changed to Ryan Smyth, it went off Smytty's skate. Regardless, it was a good effort by all involved.

Roloson is VERY vocal. He's quite the interesting goalie case - not cool, calm, but he is very collected. Got ran once in the first by Selanne, then by Niedermeyer (Rob) in the second, but still had the sense to scream at Smid to 'let him go' because the penalty had been called. Another peculiar thing about Rolie is that its easy to get under his skin, but its not easy to get him off his game. Some goalies (Belfour) are such that once you get in their head, they're off their game.

Smytty LOVES the wrap-around. Its been ineffective thus far, but we'll see how she goes the rest of the night. Maybe Smyth can just make Giguere go bonkers again.

O'Brien gets in a fight with Winchester, thereby making my and Finny's day. (I have O'Brien in my hockey pool).

more thoughts after the game.

Ouch- that one hurt. Even though the Ducks dominated that third period, the Oilers gave themselves a chance to win. Not just a chance, they SHOULD have won that one. Anything less than a win when you have a lead going into the final minute is a disaster.

Hate to scapegoat, but the same group of players was on for the last 2 goals against for the Oilers. Smith and Smid, and Smyth and Horcoff (Pisani was on for one, but couldn't be on for the second).

Thats simply unacceptable. Smyth was the culprit on the winner (very uncharacterstic), and Horcoff's man scored the tying. It's a cliche, but the Oilers' best players have to be their best players.

This may sound like sour-grape ranting, but I've come to a conclusion (and I came to it while the Oilers were winning): The Ducks have found a way to make a high pace, quick forechecking game very boring. They're simply not a pretty team to watch. That isn't to say their style is ineffective; in fact its very effective. But its like watching a reverse forecheck. I guess I shouldn't criticize too loudly, I have been a Flames fan for a long time and they've correctly been identified as a boring team to watch.

They managed to blow out the Avalanche tonight though, just as predicted by MG at Five Hole Fanatics. Good call by him, but can you expect anything less when the Avs play at the dome? I've seen them stink up that place more than once over the past couple years.

It would have been nice to watch it, but the devil in me had to see how Rexall reacted to the return of Pronger. Obviously the Oilers game was closer and more of a hockey game, but sometimes a blow-out is funner to see than a heartbreaking loss.

Revenge is a dish best served with a 'W,' not an 'L,' or in this case, an 'OTL.'


Kent said...

Yeah, you missed one of the better Flames games, but I dont blame you for wanting to check out the Pronger return.

And my prediction wasn't as good as Matt's over BoA. He actually got the score right too (although I guessed more of the goal scorers than he did)...

Finny said...

oh kyle...

*console, console*

I don't have anything to say really because, well, I don't know. I'd be heartbroken too, if the tables were reversed. But, the Oilers are one of my most respected teams in the NHL -- and Ryan Smyth is one of my heroes...

Just a mini-note: O'Brien (hehe, squee!) got in a fight with Matt Greene this time around. He fought Winchester in the first Ducks-Oilers meeting... this game, Winchester danced with Sean O'Donnell.

P.S. Thanks for the link, btw.

Kyle said...

Finny: my bad, thanks for the correction, my brain is a little fried right now. No worries regarding the link