Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Team Canada World Championships 2008 - Nash May Miss Some Games

Just a news link here to keep everyone posted, Nash had some throat surgery, may miss a few games, may not.

Also a couple of roster notes just watching the 1st round winding down:

-I don't see Spezza or Heatley being invited. They're either injured or just ineffective, either way I don't know why Team Canada would want them.

-Martin Brodeur may be available. New Jersey looks done and the tournament is in Quebec city. He's not playing great right now, but he's still Martin Brodeur.

- The Philly/Washington series could be a real boone for Team Canada. On one hand Canada could have quite the offensive defenceman in Mike Green, on the other hand they get an amazing two way center in Mike Richards, a true competitor for a spot on the 2010 team (I think the frontrunners are Horcoff, Richards and Brind'Amour). He'll be game to go if Philly loses.

- Matt Stajan has been told to be prepared to go, his participation will depend on how the first round turns out

- If Boston loses this series, can Canada afford to NOT ask Marc Savard? He's not your typical Team Canada guy and his attitude has been questioned often, but he keeps looking better and better and his playoff performance has been impressive.

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