Sunday, November 18, 2007

What The Hell Is Going On With Dan Ryder? Seriously.

Came across this Fanhouse post about the mysterious disappearance of Dan Ryder today. MG has already had at least one post about this and I have just let it go until now, but has anyone considered Ryder and Walz eloped together?

Though I will say, maybe this whole event has something to do with Micheal Ryder's less than stellar start to his season.

This is a strange hockey season, I wouldn't recommend any post SCF fishing trips.


MetroGnome said...

According to Sutter, Ryder is just "trying to decide if he wants to be a hockey player."

It's huge commitment to play sports professionally. Some guys are bound to decide that it's beyond them. Im guessing Ryder will regret the decision 10 years down the line, but, hey, maybe not. His life to live.

Bad luck for the Flames.

leanne said...

See also Dan Blackburn's "I have no regrets quitting hockey" article in the Herald yesterday... mind you, he was forced to from injuries, but still.

The rest of us are entitled to abrupt changes of heart, why not them?

therealdeal said...

MG: Very true.

Leanne: That was an interesting article for sure, but I still bet that if Blackburn could still play he would've. Gotta be tough being that close and having it all taken away.